Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"About to blossom into fruition like a thousand humid vaginas in the presence of God's boner...."

Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Magazine, is a one way ticket on the effin’ amazing train. McInnes is the author of The Vice Guide to Eating Pussy and my personal fav. the magazines DO’s and DON’Ts’ fashion featurette. Vice magazine, and side project, recently got their ball sack dipped into some gigantic media conglomerate money ( from Vaicom aka. MTV!) and liked the way it made their rocks tingle. This sparked “creative differences” with Gavin McInnes (translation: told the man to get fucked). He’s now quit Vice and started his own site where he offends everyone in the new DO and DON’Ts’ called StreetBoners (genius). Check out the site ‘cause its gunna make you dribble pee in your pants.
what it do.